About Us

carinoso - the manufacturer for living room accessories, animal furniture, lighting elements and jewelry and much more

Our lovingly and family-run factory is located in the heart of Gran Canaria, directly at the Firgas water source. Living room accessories, animal furniture, lighting elements and everything you could wish for are lovingly handcrafted here.

From the draft, design, production and shipping, we take care of your order from here and can therefore respond to individual requests in the shortest possible time. This makes us unique because your service is our top priority.

The actual idea behind the animal furniture and living room accessories was to create play landscapes for the cat that would also enhance the living space. Every cat lover knows that all cats love boxes and safe places. You open a package, no matter where it comes from, and one of the cats immediately sits in it and sees it as a safe new home. Despite the great love, these packages are usually disposed of promptly. We wanted the boxes to look stable and attractive for a long time. What lasts a long time is sustainable, which is why we make all cat furniture from high-quality, certified or recycled wood so as not to ruin the local ambience on the planet.

For the sake of animals and people, we rely on products that are sustainable, repairable and ecological. Due to the high recycled content, the bottom line is that we not only protect the environment, but also our resources. Our wood waste goes into the thermal recycling cycle. Even our glues are certified as harmless and therefore completely non-toxic. You and your cats will smell it immediately: natural wood or rather, nature!

Anyone who buys carinoso buys out of love for animals. We stand for it with our name. Anyone who would like to support us regardless of placing an order can do so here.